There’s a prize for everyone

Sweet Karen Ozuem

My most memorable day was the day I received an award for getting all A’s as a Basic 7 student.

It was our Prize Giving Day but I wasn’t that excited about it. I wasn’t looking forward to getting a prize this session. Oh! My mum! She would snap at me if I ever miss it. There I go again!

I actually didn’t want to go to the Prize Giving Day ceremony but I ended up going, which later turned out good. When my mum said I should go, I didn’t see the point—I just wanted to stay at home and basically do nothing until something came to my mind. Sometimes, I have to admit it, I can be lazy at times. So I actually thought of how many friends I would get to meet just by going, so I agreed. I would have attended the ceremony even if I had disagreed with my mum anyway.

When I got there, for some reasons, I didn’t want anyone to notice me—it was probably because I was wearing a button-collared shirt and because I hate that so much! But when I saw my classmates, well, the females, I just felt so happy on the inside, relieved; because I missed every single one of them for the one week that we stayed apart.

Nothing much happened after that reconnecting moment with my peers. The event got to the dance presentation, which was epic; I was getting nervous because we had a dance to perform and I got nervous in front of a huge audience. The dance performances before ours were so thrilling and entertaining; I loved every one of them. At some point, I got nervous and I thought about the fun I was about to experience. In not less than a minute, it was time for us to dance, so I got to the stage where we would perform and it wasn’t that bad. I was starting to wonder why I was nervous before.

We finished the dance with the audience cheering us up. Then it was time for Prize giving, OMG, I felt so nervous again. I shouldn’t have felt nervous because I was unsure—I should brace up next session because of the competitive nature of my classmates. When they called Basic 7, I heard my name and unconsciously leaped up with joy. I got one! A prize! I felt my heart pounding meritoriously in disbelief; I got another one again! I was so delighted, elated. It still leaves my face with a smile anytime I think about it; it was a really memorable day of my life.


Sweet is of Shining Star Group of Schools, Kubwa-Abuja


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