Influence of culture on education

Aluko Adebobola Ibukunoluwa

Culture in a simple way can be defined as the way of life of a particular set of people. Culture is very important so as Education. Education is the process of acquiring knowledge. Culture has much importance in Education. Culture is important in our day-to-day activities. Culture is practised every day all over the world.

Culture involves the mode of greeting, eating, and dressing and even affects history also. In Nigeria, there are different cultures in Yoruba land. Their mode of greeting is kneeling for the women and prostrating for the men.

Culture on education is very tantamount. In education, culture helps so much because there is an old saying that, “Charity begins at home.” Students and pupils are expected to greet their teachers at school and anywhere they find themselves.

Learning other cultures in school helps a lot here in Nigeria. It varies from place to place. If someone is being transferred from one state to another i.e. Yoruba states to Hausa states, learning the Hausa people’s culture would enable one to cope easily.

Culture provides work opportunities for a lot of people like wood carvers, iron smelters, brass casters, cloth dyers, leather workers, etc. on a daily basis. As people engage in creative efforts, they continue to improve the quality and style of what they produce.

Culture is learnt; it is not what people have at birth and so, it is not inherited. This is why babies don’t know what the culture of their parents is and acquire the culture of whatever society they grow up with. Culture determines how people behave.

Culture should be encouraged in the Education sector.


Aluko is of Excellent Kiddies Montessori Academy, Abuja


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