By Oluwanifemi Adio
Teachers are people who inculcate knowledge into other people called students. There are good teachers and bad teachers. Bad teachers are self-centered and only care about the money they make. Good teachers – like the ones we have at Lead British International School – focus on the student’s success. Good teachers know how to relate with students and also instill values into students while teaching them.

A lot of students take teachers for granted and take their efforts to better them as nagging and annoying. Little do students know that teachers make a lot of sacrifices. Teachers stay in school hours after students have gone home just to record the scores students get in their tasks. And when they go home, they start to work on ways to ensure their students understand the topics. All for little pay. And they still come to school and tolerate disrespectful students without complaining. If I was a teacher, I would not care if the students were in class or not. I would just record their scores the way it is.

In conclusion, teachers deserve way more than they get, regarding money and respect. This is because the home truth is that nothing can be done without teachers. The person that trains Messi is a teacher. The person that taught Elon Musk how to speak and how to be a successful in Business was a teacher.


Oluwanifemi is of Lead British International School, Abuja

By Teen Trust

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