The Discontented Fish

By Hauwa Hafiz

Once upon a time, some little fishes lived in a quiet pool near a river. Almost all of them were pleasant, friendly, and lively. They played very happily together. But one fIsh was different. It was not a big fish but was the biggest in the pool. It was proud and refused to be friendly with the other fish. ‘Stop playing, it’s time for my afternoon rest; go away,’ it would say.
The older fish began to get annoyed. ‘Let him go away and leave us in peace,’ said one. ‘That’s a good idea,’ said the oldest fish, adding that ‘I will go and talk to him.’ So the oldest fish swam to the biggest fish and said, ‘The pool is too small for you, we’re all small, too. Why stay here? Go and join the big fish in the river.’ And the biggest fish decided to go with the oldest fish’s Idea.
The biggest fish swam to the river, and When it arrived, it met some fish that were bigger than him. It was a dwarf beside them. It decided that it would go back to the pool but this time it would be nicer and more friendly. It went back and apologised to everyone and from that time, they all became happy friends.

Hauwa is of Ischolars International Academy, Abuja

By Teen Trust

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