Importance of hygiene

Importance of hygiene

By Fatima Oshiyemi

We all need three major things in life, which are water, air, and hygiene.  Our hygiene really matters because it affects our health mentally, physically, and socially. Hygiene is a condition or practice conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness.

There are different types of hygiene which are personal, environmental, domestic, and food hygiene. Keeping good hygiene protects us from infectious diseases because when we practise all hygiene effortlessly, we feel healthy, happy, and assured of infection-free life.

Moreover, it also protects us from having health complications as a result of frequent hand washing. It also keeps our minds stress-free because when a person takes into cognisance his /her health, he /she will rest assured of positive health.

Again, regular baths, brushing twice a day, washing clothes and dishes when needed, and sweeping and mobbing the filthy area when needed are also good practices of hygiene. 

To this end, without hygiene, we would get sick frequently, and we would also be avoided probably just because of body or mouth odour. Maintaining good hygiene is what can increase our self-esteem. 

Fatima is of Sulaiman Shado School, Mushin, Lagos

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