Compiled by Aisha Baba-Isa Abdullahi, SSS 2

Osteosarcoma is a type of bone cancer that begins in the cells that form bones. It is most often found in the long bones – femur and humerus- but it can start in any bone. In very rare cases, it can affect soft tissue outside the bone. Anyone can have osteosarcoma, but it is the most common kind of bone cancer in children and teens. Teenage boys are most likely to get it.

How does it start?

Most tumors start around the knee, in the lower part of the shinbone.

        They also may grow in the upper arm bone close to the shoulder.

Other places where it may occur include:




These usually get affected if the patient is an adult.

What are the symptoms?

Warning signs include:

        Swelling or lumps around bones or the ends of bones.

        Bone or joint pain or soreness. This pain may come and go for months.

        Broken bone without a clear reason.

        Pain at night

        Pain after exercise


What are the causes?

Some things may make you more likely to get osteosarcoma, including:




        Treatment (eg radiation therapy

        Health conditions tied to your genes).


Usually, people with osteosarcoma need surgery and chemotherapy. Some also get radiation therapy. Some other treatments include:


        Limb-sparing surgery.



Aisha Baba-Isa Abdullahi is of Great Heights Academy, Abuja

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