Dangers of keeping bad company in school

By Bolaji Mbang
A bad company is an association or group of ill-mannered people. Bad company is rampant among teens and youth. In our society today, most youths have been misled by bad friends. These uncultured individuals may be products of a bad upbringing or a failed society. Bad company, they say, corrupts good manners. It is pertinent, therefore, to discuss the dangers of keeping bad company in school.

Bad company leads one to numerous social vices ranging from kidnapping, cultism, substance abuse, and many others which disturb the peace of citizens, and the society at large. Students who fall victim to these vices face a lot of challenges in their academics and also face some problems in the outside world.

Furthermore, bad company drags students and pupils back, academically. It hinders them from performing or reaching their optimum potential. It destroys the bright future of teens and in the long run, the future of our nation; because the students who are supposed to study hard and get good grades and also make an impact in society are terrorising the peace of other citizens, sitting behind bars and engaging in all kinds of illicit behaviour.

Aside from backwardness in academics, and becoming a nuisance to society, the bad company also wastes the blood, sweat, and resources a parent has put into a child. This shatters the dreams a parent has concerning his or her children thus bringing shame and disappointment to the parents and family.

In conclusion, bad company corrupts good manners, and we should all try our best to make ourselves, teachers, and parents proud by keeping clear of bad company and also try to make our society better because we are “The Future of this Great Nation.”


Bolaji is of Shining Star Group of Schools, Kubwa-Abuja.

By Teen Trust

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