Profitable things to do online as a teenager

By Aigbe Gloria Omoyemwen

As a teenager, you are obviously not unaware of the times we currently face now in Nigeria. You must have thought, “What should I do to support myself and my parents? What should I do to be successful and earn money to be on top with a verified check mark to my name?” The following are ways to make the next profits online and earn money to take care of yourself.

Be a light author: You might not have heard about the publication reading app called light reader. Light pays an author for reaching 10,000 words per story. They pay 10 dollars at present and only pay per story. You can also write in apps like Wattpad.

Be a Blogger: When you hear of this, you might think of it as boring, not profitable, and expensive. There’s a “blogger” site managed by Google that’s absolutely free to start up. They also pay to advertise on your blog depending on the number of views. The price depends on the advert.

Social ambassadors or models: Once you get a thousand followers on Instagram, you will get messages from brands to help them model an article or be a promoter. Some pay depending on how high your followers are, while some send these articles to you for free and you can keep the articles for future purposes.

Be an advertising medium: once you have a lot of viewers, subscribers, or followers, brands will pay to advertise on your handle depending on your popularity or the advert.

Graphic design business: You can create graphical logos, business cards, T-shirt designs, website designs, ads, and poster designs. You can create a business account to showcase your watermarked designs; interested buyers will contact you depending on your designs, and do not send an unwanted marked design before the buyer pays.

Be a virtual assistant: You can partake in freelancing jobs like being a personal assistant, e-mail manager, virtual customer care, and document proofreading. You can use apps and sites like truelancer and some sites also pay 15 years too.

Finally, all these are ways of making money online; they are logical because I earn from the above ways and I’ve been able to pay for some things myself. Please ask your parents and carry them along while taking the above steps.


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By Teen Trust

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