The proud boy

Once upon a time, there lived a boy, Ola, in Ayetoro. His parents were rich and always proud of him. One day, he was crossing a road to meet his friend, when he saw an old blind woman who wanted to cross the road and asked Ola to help her cross the road.  Ola abused the woman instead of helping her to cross. As he reached his friend’s place, an insect bit him in the eyes and he started crying for help, but his friend carried him home and explained what happened to his parents.

His parents took him to the pastor and the pastor said he had offended a woman and needed to apologise to her. After so many days, his parents found the old woman and they begged her for forgiveness and she later forgave him after so many hours of begging. The boy regained his sight thereafter, and the old woman advised him to be respectful.

By Teen Trust

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