Lagooz Schools holds career day

Yvonne Ugwuezuoha, Lagos

Lagooz Schools has held its career day to expose students to likely professions in the nearest future.

The career day which was themed, ‘pathway to success’, saw the showcase of different professional attire by students of the school, as well as other fun filled activities to enlighten the students on the best ways to choose a successful career path.

Among other activities, speakers from different professions including Nursing, Banking, Communications and Education, were present to admonish the students on picking the most suitable career path and how to achieve it.

Principal of the school, Chief Mrs Otunbela Olivet, who expressed delight at the variety of professions displayed by the students, advised them to embrace their passions with confidence and face it head on, to achieve a successful career.

She said: “Whatever you want to be in life, do not be ashamed of it. Embrace it with confidence and give it all you got to ensure that your career path is successful.”

Media consultant, Mrs Grace Onogu-Sam, who addressed the students on the best ways to choose a career according to temperaments, said that students should endeavor to understand their nature and pick professionals that will bring them fulfillment. Adding that choices of careers should not be forced on young individuals as it might make them delay or not fulfill their purpose.

“A lot of people find themselves in a career that they are not passionate about. Now is the opportunity you have to set your career path straight. If some of us had this opportunity when we were much younger, we may not have made some of the mistakes that we made in choosing our career path,” she said.

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