JSS 2 student launches first novel in Lagos

A Junior Secondary School 2 student of  Junior Model College Badore, Lagos,  Orire Michael, took the world by storm with the publication and launching of her first prose (novel), titled, “MY FATHER’S DREAM OR MINE.”

Orire’s work is expertly crafted and astonishing;  her notable novel, “MY FATHER’S  DREAM OR MINE” is a colourful and peculiar story that describes a typical African story that reveals the feud which often exists between a father and a child, thereby leading to the popular saying of the father, “I WILL DISOWN YOU IF YOU DON’T FULFIL MY DREAM”, then the stubborn and self-confidence child would rather prefer to leave the house with the hope of surviving without the help of his father or mother as the case might be.

According to KidsTeens Hub, Michael Orire is a proud student of Lagos State Junior Model College Badore, Ajah, Lagos. She hails from Kwara State, Oke Ero Local Government Area, and resides at present in Lagos with her family.

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