Automatic system for irrigational farming

Automatic system for irrigational farming

By Muhammad Saleh Muhammad

As you know there is a high demand for food produce around the world due to flooding, crises and other disasters.

A team of students under the guide of our science and technology teachers in persons of Mr. Muhammed Babangida Ibrahim and Mr. Abdurrazaq Taiye Usman initiated the project.

We constructed a system that can be used in controlling flooding and enhance irrigational farming. We are focused on watering the farm land as need arise.

Our project was successfully presented in I-Scholars International Academy Science and Art Exhibition.

The system is made up of the following components: 

1. Submergible water pump

2. Humidity sensor

3. Transmitter

4. Relay module

5. 9v DC battery

6. Water tank

7. Switch

8. A farm land


1. We connected the sensor to the transmitter using jumper cables

2. We connected the transmitter to the pump through the relay module

3. The  pump, the relay module and the transmitter to a 9v DC battery and a switch

4. We planted some seeds in two bowls containing soil.

5. We embedded the sensor in the soil.

6. We submerged the pump in a water tank

7. We put on the switch.

Working principle

A switch is connected to 9v DC battery which is left on to allow constant energy supply to the pump. The humidity sensor is strategically placed on the farmland in such a way that all the land gets the required water before it gets to the sensor.

The sensor sends electrical signals to the pump to pump water or to stop pumping through a transmitter and a relay module technically connected from the sensor to the pump.

Project Team 

1. Ridwanullah Biobaku

2. Muhydeen Attitebi

3. Muhammad Saleh Muhammad

4. Hauwa Abubakar Ambursa

5. Yakubu Bello Shinkafi

6. Fadila Sani Abubakar

Muhammad Saleh Muhammad is of in I-Scholars International Academy, Abuja

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