Ughelli Rovers FC Set For NLO Debut In Kwale Center

Ughelli Rovers FC, the vibrant football club hailing from Ughelli, Delta State, is set to make its debut in Nigeria’s Nationwide League One (NLO) this season. With sponsorship backing from itel Mobile, the team is gearing up for an exciting journey in the league.

The Kwale Center, which hosts Venue 10 matches, will witness Ughelli Rovers FC’s inaugural matches alongside other formidable teams from the region. The lineup of teams in Venue 10 includes Holy Arrows FC, OYC FC, Isoko Utd FC, Delta Marines FC, Rolly FC, FC Deltra, Junosa Utd FC, Living Voices FC, and Morsko Int’l FC.

The highlight of their debut will be the first match against Isoko United FC at Kwale Stadium on April 20, 2024, scheduled for 4:00 PM. This inaugural fixture marks a significant milestone for Ughelli Rovers FC as they step onto the NLO stage to showcase their talent and determination.

Fans and supporters eagerly await the debut of Ughelli Rovers FC, anticipating an exciting season filled with passion, skill, and memorable moments on the pitch

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