School prefect

Aliyu Usman Sulaiman 

Becoming a prefect gives the chance to help others in ways that you couldn’t before and if you are a good prefect, people look up to you and want to be like you; you can inspire others into doing amazing things. It’s also a good early taste of leadership and the responsibility accompanying that.

The roles of school prefect 

A school prefect has a variety of roles including assisting teaching staff in their lessons, supervising the canteen corridor and line-ups, organising activities, and maintaining order in the school.

What are the duties of a school prefect? 

(1) Observe the school rules at all times

(2)Be dressed appropriately at all times

(3) Maintain excellent attendance

(4)Be punctual for your duties

(5) Maintain a perfect behaviour record

(6)Be positive and enthusiastic 

(7)Be able to encourage and motivate fellow students.

Aliyu Usman Sulaiman is of Rumfa College Kano.

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