Kidnapping: A security challenge in Nigeria

By Victoria Ambrose

Kidnapping is one of the major problems in Nigeria. Kidnapping is the process by which a person is forcefully taken for ransom or any other reason.

Recently, there have been many kidnapping cases in Nigeria, which may be caused by so many reasons. One of the major reasons for kidnapping is to subject the victim to some form of involuntary servitude that is, a state of being a slave or into slavery or to obtain ransom for his freedom.

Other reasons could be lack of employment, poverty, religion or politics.   

Kidnapping has remained one of the most violent crimes in the country. Kidnapping has become endemic in the Nigerian society and it is so intense that it has virtually affected many people.  

Some of the effects of kidnapping include psychological trauma, especially for child victims. Depression, anxiety may last a lifetime for the child.

Another effect is the fear and lack of trust in society where the rate of kidnapping is high. Fear limits people’s life and actions. They will always move with caution, as they do not know who might be next. The rich surround themselves with security guards because of their fear of being kidnapped but what about the poor masses who do not have money for security guards. Should they be left without security or should the government provide security for them and the country at large? There should be enough security that will help to reduce the rate of kidnapping in the country.

There are solutions that may help to reduce the rate of kidnapping which include training anti-kidnapping agents to fight against kidnappers, and monitor the police because some police agents might be involved in kidnapping.

Another solution is making sure that government imposes stiff punishment for the offenders and most importantly creating jobs for citizens especially for the youth because when people are gainfully employed they do not need to commit crimes.

Kidnapping has caused disorder in society. Today, kidnapping is a global problem with many root causes which must be evaluated and addressed to eliminate the crime.

Victoria is of Fountain International School, Kano

By Teen Trust News

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