Importance of proper monitoring

By Abdulyassar Muhammad Garba 

The adult education sector has suffered from a lack of management and evaluation. This is why there are different types of programmes run across the state of the federation. 

The successful running of adult education programmes in Nigeria requires the use of a proper system for monitoring and taking the success of the programme across centres in Nigeria. This should be included in the programme action plan. 

The first step in managing and monitoring adult education involves the management of a large database. When, for example, accurate data on the number of people in need of adult education is not obtained, the success of the programme is in jeopardy. It is important that systems are put in place to obtain accurate data and information.

 There should also be training on how to manage and evaluate adult education programmes all over Nigeria. 

Abdulyassar Muhammad Garba is of Rumfa College Kano.

By Teen Trust News

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