The Advice

By Hajara Yahuza

     A word is enough for the wise;

     So is a piece of advice.

     To give a word and not go by it,

    Is all foolish and barbaric,

   To lay your problems on the innocent,

   And accuse them of what they did, 

   Or what they ever said,

   Are you not tired of your ways?

   Fooling people, deceiving them?

   Be straight

   Let out your inner devil,

   Show us who you really are,

   Let your inner devil out,

   Give it up; the secret is out,

   Hypocrisy is your way,

  Shun it,

  Make it go away,

  A word is enough for the wise,

  Change your ways,

A piece of advice.

 Hajara Yahuza is of Kano Capital Girls Secondary School, Kano.

By Teen Trust News

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